Tax Assessment & Condemnation Report

Tax Assessment & Condemnation Report

Monthly Archives: July 2012

The Future of Power Plants in New York: An Examination of the AES Power Plant in Somerset, New York

Posted in Assessments, Utilities
What does the future hold for power plants in New York? If the AES Energy Plant in Somerset, New York is any indication, the future appears to be bleak. High coal prices and low wholesale prices for electricity have conspired together to form a volatile business environment in New York State for coal-burning power plants, leaving many… Continue Reading

Service Snafus – Fatal to Your Real Property Tax Assessment Challenge

Posted in Assessments, School Districts
For those taxpayers who grieved their 2012 real property tax assessment before a local board of assessment review, but were denied relief, the time period to pursue that challenge in court  expires soon. Taxpayers (and their representatives) who choose to file a petition in Supreme Court need to be wary of service requirements or risk dismissal of… Continue Reading

No RP-5217? No Tax Bill for You! – A Utility Nightmare

Posted in Assessments, Utilities
New York Real Property Law (RPL) Section 333(1-e) requires county clerks to collect a New York Real Property Transfer Report (RP-5217) before “any conveyance of real property affecting land” is recorded. Specifically, an original RP-5217 “must accompany all deeds and correction deeds.” Why an RP-5217? Practically, the RP-5217 notifies county officials and local assessors of changes in ownership… Continue Reading

School Districts Must Pay Public Library Share of Tax Refunds

Posted in School Districts
The judicial resolution of tax certiorari cases may obligate certain taxing jurisdictions, including school districts, to pay refunds associated with the overpayment of any taxes. When faced with the payment of refunds, school districts often ask whether the district must refund any amounts collected by the school district on behalf of a public library. In an era where money is… Continue Reading