Tax Assessment & Condemnation Report

Tax Assessment & Condemnation Report

Monthly Archives: September 2012

What’s wrong with Real Property Tax Law Section 727?

Posted in Assessments, Settlement, Valuation
  Real Property Tax Law Section 727 – the “freeze” period after a property assessment appeal is settled or a judicial decision is issued that reduces the assessment. The goal of Section 727 is two-fold: first, it prevents assessors from changing an assessment (more likely, increasing an assessment) during the term of the freeze unless there is a revaluation, improvements/demolition, or occupancy changes in excess of 25%,… Continue Reading

NY Property Tax Cap Update – Survey Says…

Posted in School Districts
Uncertain.  After the initial school district budget votes on May 15, 96.4% of school district budgets passed.  That number increased to 99.7% after the second round of voting.  In the end, only two districts (Oppenheim-Ephratah in Fulton County and Cheektowaga-Sloan in Erie County) were left without a voter-approved budget.  So, what was the big deal with… Continue Reading

Real Property Tax Law Reform – Revise Exemptions, Find Mandate Relief

Posted in Assessments, Exemptions
“Mandates” – a dirty word.  These days, the mere utterance of this word sends shivers down the overburdened backbone of New York State’s citizenry. Mandates cause our property tax payments to soar but, we are told, these mandates are imperative to the proper functioning of our society, government, and our public programs. One way to… Continue Reading