Tax Assessment & Condemnation Report

Tax Assessment & Condemnation Report

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Onondaga County Eliminates Ability to Search Property Tax Database by Property Owner Name

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For many years, county websites across New York State have maintained real property tax information databases that are easily searchable by property owner name, address or tax map parcel number. Searching one of these databases by name would quickly call up a list of all properties owned by that person within the entire county. Recently,… Continue Reading

Counties Taking An Active Roll In Property Tax Appeals – Why It Has Taken So Long

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“The times they are a-changin'”. In our field, this is best evidenced by upstate New York counties taking an active roll in defending property tax assessment appeals. Although counties in upstate New York have no assessment function and generally are responsible for only a fraction of any property tax refunds owed, lately it seems as though counties feel like they have been hung out to dry (or so… Continue Reading

No RP-5217? No Tax Bill for You! – A Utility Nightmare

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New York Real Property Law (RPL) Section 333(1-e) requires county clerks to collect a New York Real Property Transfer Report (RP-5217) before “any conveyance of real property affecting land” is recorded. Specifically, an original RP-5217 “must accompany all deeds and correction deeds.” Why an RP-5217? Practically, the RP-5217 notifies county officials and local assessors of changes in ownership… Continue Reading