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New York’s Property Tax Cap Wins Again

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In 2013 we reported on NYSUT‘s lawsuit which claimed that New York’s recently-enacted property tax “cap” was unconstitutional. The thrust of NYSUT’s 2013 arguments against the cap were that it (1) harmed school districts that serve low-income areas by creating an “education gap” which perpetuates inequalities between wealthy and poor districts; (2) violated the state’s “education clause” which… Continue Reading

Public Information Session Held on the Alternative Veterans’ Exemption

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We recently posted about the Legislature’s recent amendment to the RPTL 458-a Alternative Veterans’ Exemption. From what we have seen and heard, most school districts statewide have determined not to pass the law by March 1, 2014 so that it would have been effective for the 2014/15 assessment and tax season. The reason for the delay generally is that districts… Continue Reading

Is Property Tax Reform Finally Coming to New York?

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In November 2013, Governor Cuomo released the Final Report of the New York State Tax Reform and Fairness Commission regarding tax reform. One week later, the New York State Senate Republican Conference Tax Policy Review & Reform Initiative issued a Preliminary Report regarding the same issue. Among other tax reforms, each report recommended action to reform New… Continue Reading

Update: NYSUT Makes Good On Litigation Threat

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On February 19th, 2013, the New York State Teacher’s Union (NYSUT) made good on its threat to challenge Cuomo’s property tax cap on schools by commencing an action in Supreme Court. The lawsuit, spearheaded by a plaintiffs group composed of teachers, taxpayers, and even parents, alleges in a 50-page complaint how Cumo’s tax cap harms school districts that serve low-income areas (creates… Continue Reading

Op Ed from Syracuse’s Mayor, Stephanie Minor, Hints That RPTL Reform Is Needed

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A recent New York Time’s Op Ed post on February 13, 2013 from City of Syracuse Mayor, Stephanie Minor, states that “the model of using property taxes to finance schools, police, fire, sanitation and other services is no longer sustainable.” For years, we have heard from assessors, attorneys and appraisers heavily involved in assessment litigation that NYS needs to find another way… Continue Reading

In The Matter Of Teachers vs. The Property Tax Cap

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  The New York State Teachers Union (“NYSUT”), long time opponents of the real property tax cap, is threatening to test the tax cap’s legitimacy. In a recent article, NYSUT threatened to sue the State over the tax cap in state court. Citing issues with equity and whether democratic processes were followed when the tax cap was enacted, NYSUT’s… Continue Reading

Nassau Taxpayers Expecting Refunds May Have to Wait Until 2013 for Relief

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On August 8, 2012 Nassau County filed a Notice of Appeal, which stayed Judge Thomas Adams’ Order that required the County to pay property tax refunds within 60 days, or risk having its bank accounts seized. While the County stated it filed the notice of appeal to preserve its rights, the appeal only prolongs the inevitable: the County must return to its… Continue Reading

New York’s Property Tax Reform: Better Business or Business as Usual?

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In our last post, we discussed Governor Cuomo’s September 27 press release in which the Governor’s office lauded the success of the property tax cap  and the huge long-term benefits it will purportedly provide for the State’s taxpayers. However, in a Background Paper issued on October 9, 2013, the Tax Foundation concluded that the business tax climate of New York State… Continue Reading

NY Property Tax Cap Update – Survey Says…

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Uncertain.  After the initial school district budget votes on May 15, 96.4% of school district budgets passed.  That number increased to 99.7% after the second round of voting.  In the end, only two districts (Oppenheim-Ephratah in Fulton County and Cheektowaga-Sloan in Erie County) were left without a voter-approved budget.  So, what was the big deal with… Continue Reading

Real Property Tax Law Reform – Revise Exemptions, Find Mandate Relief

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“Mandates” – a dirty word.  These days, the mere utterance of this word sends shivers down the overburdened backbone of New York State’s citizenry. Mandates cause our property tax payments to soar but, we are told, these mandates are imperative to the proper functioning of our society, government, and our public programs. One way to… Continue Reading

The Future of Power Plants in New York: An Examination of the AES Power Plant in Somerset, New York

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What does the future hold for power plants in New York? If the AES Energy Plant in Somerset, New York is any indication, the future appears to be bleak. High coal prices and low wholesale prices for electricity have conspired together to form a volatile business environment in New York State for coal-burning power plants, leaving many… Continue Reading

A Blunt Instrument – The Effect of the Property Tax Cap on School District Budgets

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New Yorkers pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation. The property tax burden on taxpayers in New York has been widely criticized, by the New York State Business Council among others, for its negative impact on attracting businesses and creating jobs in the state. As a result, the State legislature adopted the Property Tax Cap… Continue Reading