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Profits vs. Prophets – WItA Examines the RPTL 420-a Exemption

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  New York’s innovative group, known as Women In (tax) Assessment (WItA) held its 6th Annual Symposium in August which focused on the RPTL 420-a exemption. The group was extremely fortunate to have panelists that represented both sides of various issues that RPTL 420-a presents, and as an added feature, the Symposium included an informative perspective concerning Illinois’ property tax… Continue Reading

Part 2: …But In the Fourth Department, Repeat Filings Are Not Required?

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In Part 1 of this discussion, we highlighted the Appellate Division, Third Department’s holdings on RPTL’s “freeze” provision in the Highbridge Broadway, LLC v City of Schenectady and Scellen v City of Glens Falls cases. As you’ll recall, these Third Department cases held that property owners must annually file a grievance and petition to preserve their right to an assessment reduction (and any refunds) for the additional… Continue Reading

New York’s Property Tax Cap Wins Again

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In 2013 we reported on NYSUT‘s lawsuit which claimed that New York’s recently-enacted property tax “cap” was unconstitutional. The thrust of NYSUT’s 2013 arguments against the cap were that it (1) harmed school districts that serve low-income areas by creating an “education gap” which perpetuates inequalities between wealthy and poor districts; (2) violated the state’s “education clause” which… Continue Reading

High Court Hears A Pair of RPTL § 420-a Cases on October 21, 2014

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We’re starting off our new blog season after a bit of a break with a recap of two key exemption cases that will be making waves again soon. Specifically, on October 21, 2014 the New York Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in two cases that could alter the landscape of tax exemptions under Real Property Tax Law… Continue Reading

Part I: Public Hearings in the Eminent Domain Procedure Law – A Sounding Board

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Eminent Domain. Condemnation. Taking. Whatever you call it, the acquisition of private property for public purposes by the government, or its agencies, is a highly controversial action. Therefore, it’s important, whether you are a condemning entity or a private property owner, to understand the process that must be followed before private property can be condemned. This… Continue Reading

It’s Grievance Time?

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Surprise! Yeah, it’s grievance time for most towns and some cities in New York (May 28th is “the day”).  Awhile ago we blogged about what to do about your assessment if you think it is unfair or excessive or you’ve been short-changed on an exemption. Now, here’s what not to do. 1. Don’t say that your assessment is too high… Continue Reading

Onondaga County Eliminates Ability to Search Property Tax Database by Property Owner Name

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For many years, county websites across New York State have maintained real property tax information databases that are easily searchable by property owner name, address or tax map parcel number. Searching one of these databases by name would quickly call up a list of all properties owned by that person within the entire county. Recently,… Continue Reading

In The Matter Of Teachers vs. The Property Tax Cap

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  The New York State Teachers Union (“NYSUT”), long time opponents of the real property tax cap, is threatening to test the tax cap’s legitimacy. In a recent article, NYSUT threatened to sue the State over the tax cap in state court. Citing issues with equity and whether democratic processes were followed when the tax cap was enacted, NYSUT’s… Continue Reading

New York’s Property Tax Reform: Better Business or Business as Usual?

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In our last post, we discussed Governor Cuomo’s September 27 press release in which the Governor’s office lauded the success of the property tax cap  and the huge long-term benefits it will purportedly provide for the State’s taxpayers. However, in a Background Paper issued on October 9, 2013, the Tax Foundation concluded that the business tax climate of New York State… Continue Reading